The Artists in Education Residency Grant Program (AIE) places highly qualified professional artists in schools for 20 days or more. The residencies occur during the school day and are designed to enhance arts education for students and faculty. Any New Jersey public, private, charter, or parochial school serving grades Pre-K through 12 is eligible to apply...


Professional Artists Adapt To Your Students’ Needs

“[Our teaching artist’s] sensitivity to the needs of students with movement and sensory challenges will foster creativity and collaboration between the artist, the students, staff and families. Her experience as a dancer and dancing coach will inspire students to participate in the creative process and honor their personal movement styles.”

~ Heather Gililand, Principal
P.G. Chambers School

Benefits for Teachers and Students Alike

Candace Hundley-Kamate begins the Culminating Event at Charles Olbon School.

“Teachers feel more equipped to infuse dance and drama into their curriculum, specifically with story elements and retelling. This residency instilled more confidence into teachers to try new elements of performance arts while still meeting the goals of our curriculum.”

~ Abigail Hope, Teacher
Charles Olbon School

Residencies Lead to Self Discovery

“I discovered what I stand for, who I am, where I am from…what I really feel like.”

~ Student
Tuscan Elementary School

AIE Builds Bridges To Community

Students teach community members how to create giving bowls at Bradley Beach Elementary School.

“These projects raise our school’s profile in the community and help earn us the reputation of being a place where interesting and dynamic things are happening, where we foster a culture of the arts. This generates a lot of pride for staff and students. Graduated students often return and talk about their emotional connection and engagement with the school and the arts within the context of past grants.”

~ Kirsty Sucato, Teacher
Bradley Beach Elementary School

Embedded Social Emotional Learning

Students at Farmingdale Public School attend dance class with Laura Marchese.

“I learned that it is okay to be yourself.”

~ Student
Farmingdale Public School

Arts Integration Impacts Student Learning

Students at The Haledon School practice with musician Hector Morales.

“American History in Mr. Morgan’s class will never look the same. The residency has heightened his awareness of how arts integration impacts student learning. Typical coursework merged with the arts, created multiple opportunities for connections, allowed for a deeper personal experience with the material, and enhanced retention of course content beyond the final exam.”

Sharon Kieffer, Teacher
The Haledon School

Creativity Without Boundaries

Students at Morris-Union Jointure Commission put the finishing touches on their garden mosaic mural.

“The children were able to be as creative as they wanted to be with no boundaries. We learned that it’s okay to get dirty, and we learned how to express our creativity through art. We will use this in our classroom by letting them be creative, and also letting them know it’s okay that everyone’s art is not the same.”

Morris-Union Jointure Commission

Arts at the Center of Learning

The Artists in Education (AIE) Residency Grant Program brings unique, dynamic, in-depth arts education programs to schools across New Jersey. Since 1971, AIE has been dedicated to bringing teaching artists and educators together in powerful, long-term residencies to help students and teachers engage in and learn about the creative process.


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