Arts at the Center of Learning

How do I apply to have a teaching artist at my school?

The arts matter. National education research shows that the arts promote cooperation, cultural understanding, and tolerance of different viewpoints. They boost communication skills, heighten empathy, and lift self-esteem. The arts engage learners through auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic activities; students of all abilities— including those with learning difficulties, limited English proficiency, or behavior problems—can experience success and fulfillment through experiences in the arts. In addition, the arts can strengthen understanding of other core subjects, including reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and languages.


Who is eligible to apply?

Any New Jersey public, private, charter or parochial school serving grades PreK-12.


How to Apply for the AIE Residency Grant Program

1. Have a great idea!

Have an idea for a project to enhance or expand arts learning in your school community? Start here!


2. Form a Steering Committee.

Recruit others from your school community to assist you in planning the project and putting together an application.


3. Let us help!

Attend an AIE technical assistance workshop and contact AIE staff to receive assistance as you prepare your grant application. Reach us at 609-984-7019 and check our website for workshop dates and locations.


4. Develop your application and submit it by the deadline.

Applications submitted before the deadline will receive a courtesy review of materials as well as notification of missing information and materials. An independent panel of experts evaluate and score applications. The deadline for applications for the 2018-2019 school year is February 7, 2018. Download the guidelines and application here.


5. Ready, Set, Go!

If your grant is approved, help your school and district fulfill its goals and objectives for student performance, teacher professional development, and community building in and through the arts. 

Students with animal costumes
Students came alive in their performances
Students learned to work together toward a common goal
Students learned careful observation and mental representation
AIE residencies can fulfill state standards
Students learned persistence and the importance of passion