Arts at the Center of Learning

Sample residency timeline

This sample timeline will give you an idea of how the process generally works. Your school's residency may be different, depending on the project, your school's needs and calendar, and the selected teaching artist's availability. 

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Winter-Spring 2017-2018
  • Technical Assistance Workshops held in November and December
  • February 7, 2018: Grant Application deadline
  • Late May 2018: Grantees notified of awards, pending funding approval
  • July 2018: Final funding approval announced
Summer 2018
  • On-Site Coordinator and Administrative Coordinator meet with AIE staff for orientation
  • AIE requirements and agreements are reviewed
  • Pre-planning of residency with AIE Partner
  • Artist interview dates are identified
Fall 2018
  • School returns signed AIE Grant Agreement before residency begins
  • Artist interviews continue and selection finalized
  • Planning Meeting takes place
  • Professional Development Plan is drafted and implemented
  • Residency begins
Winter-Spring 2018-2019
  • Visiting artist(s), Assembly and/or field trip for the students
  • New application for 2019-2020 residency grant prepared and submitted
  • On-going publicity for the program, presentation to the School Board
  • Culminating/Community Event
  • End-of-Year Meeting held for all AIE Grant recipients
  • Final Documentation and Evaluation submitted within 30 days of the conclusion of the residency
Students learned to work together toward a common goal
Students learned persistence and the importance of passion
Students learned careful observation and mental representation
Students came alive in their performances
AIE residencies can fulfill state standards