Arts at the Center of Learning

About the Artist-in-Residence Program

The Artists in Education Residency Grant Program (AIE) helps make the arts basic to education in schools throughout New Jersey. AIE places highly qualified professional artists in classrooms for 20 days or more during the school day through a program of residency grants.

AIE works directly with the schools and the artists, giving students and teachers the opportunity to engage in and learn about the creative process. AIE Residencies are offered in a wide variety of arts disciplines and take place for 20 days or more during the school day. Artists are selected through an interview process led by the school steering committee. AIE artists are selected for their artistic qualifications and their abilities as educators.

NJAIE New Jersey Artist in Education Residency Grant Program

Theatre Residency at Stafford Township Intermediate School, Manahawkin

AIE residencies can fulfill state standards
Students came alive in their performances
Students learned to work together toward a common goal
Students learned persistence and the importance of passion
Students learned careful observation and mental representation