Arts at the Center of Learning

Impact of Artist Residencies on students, teachers, and school culture

Increased student self-confidence

AIE programs boost confidence

AIE programs boost confidence

When we reflect on the impact of this AIE residency, we think specifically of certain students who may not have the opportunity to excel in academics. We saw these students come alive in their performances and then carry that high energy into their classwork.


Mark Quinn ,

Principal at Seth Boyden Demonstration School in Maplewood

Students stretch, explore, and persevere

AVPA students dancing

Students learned the discipline of persistence when working on a project, and the importance of personal passion when creating. The presence of professional guest artists through the AIE grants have been invaluable to our educational mission.

Scott Shaw ,

Supervisor for the Academy for Visual & Performing Arts, Morris County School of Technology in Denville


Improve student's high-level critical and creative thinking

Students in a STEAM residency plotting out an instrument to build

Students developed the tools of thinking itself—careful observation of the world, mental representation of what is observed or imagined.... We use these same thinking tools in science, philosophy, math, and history. The advantage of the arts is that they link cognitive growth to social and emotional development. Students care more deeply about what they study.


Alma Morel ,

Vice Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Teaneck

Benefits for teachers and students alike

Teachers and Teaching Artist working together

Our AIE grants play an integral part in developing an environment for professional learning communities (PLC), a state mandate beginning in middle school and continuing through high school (NJAC 6A:8). Schools can use AIE residencies to fulfill their obligation to meet this standard.


Janice Marsili ,

Visual Arts teacher, David Brearley Middle/High School, Kenilworth

Increased positive behavioral and social skills

Atlantic County Special Services School District

Atlantic County Special Services School District

The students learned to work together for a common goal. They were able to see the importance of working through the steps to have a final product. Students had an increase in positive behavioral and social skills


Janene Askins ,

Vice Principal, Atlantic County Special Services School District

Students learned persistence and the importance of passion
Students learned to work together toward a common goal
Students learned careful observation and mental representation
Students came alive in their performances
AIE residencies can fulfill state standards